Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Sarraceniaceae/Sarracéniacées - Pitcher Plant Family
Sarracenia purpurea L. subsp. purpurea
En: pitcher plant, purple pitcher plant, northern pitcher plant, frog's britches, side-saddle flower, huntsman's cup
Fr: sarracénie pourpre, herbe-crapaud, petits cochons, cochons de plé, coupe du chasseur
IA: anikatash, anitshikata, anitshitash
Provincial Status: LN
Range: Boreal and coastal plain eNA; thr. Nfld., N to cLab.

[=Sarazina gibbosa Raf.]
[=Sarazina venosa Raf.]
[=Sarracenia gibbosa Raf.]
[=Sarracenia heterophylla Eaton]
[=Sarracenia purpurea L. forma heterophylla (Eaton) Fernald]
[=Sarracenia purpurea L. subsp. gibbosa (Raf.) Wherry]
[=Sarracenia purpurea L. subsp. venosa (Raf.) Wherry]
[=Sarracenia purpurea L. var. heterophylla (Eaton) Torr.]
[=Sarracenia purpurea L. var. purpurea]
[=Sarracenia purpurea L. var. rupicola B.Boivin]
[=Sarracenia purpurea L. var. stolonifera Macfarland & Steckbeck]
[=Sarracenia purpurea L. var. terrae-novae Bach.Pyl.]
[=Sarracenia purpurea L. var. venosa (Raf.) Wherry 1933, non (Raf.) Fernald 1936]
[=Sarracenia terrae-novae (Bach.Pyl.) C.R.Bell]

[Kartesz & Gandhi (1995) treated subspecies gibbosa as the northern expression (NL to Virginia) of Sarracenia purpurea and the southern expression (Virginia to Florida) as subsp. purpurea. However, this was refuted by Cheek et al. (1997).]

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