Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Alismataceae/Alismatacées - Water-Plantain Family
Sagittaria cuneata E.Sheld.
En: northern arrowhead, arumleaf arrowhead, tule potato
Fr: sagittaire cunéaire, sagittaire à feuilles en coin
Provincial Status: LNi
Range: nTemp.-Boreal NA; N to wNfld. (Rapid Pond, Little Rapids), cLab. (Goose Bay); aq., calc.

[=Sagittaria arifolia Nutt. ex J.G.Sm.]
[=Sagittaria arifolia Nutt. ex J.G.Sm. var. cuneata (E.Sheld.) Lunell]
[=Sagittaria arifolia Nutt. ex J.G.Sm. var. stricta J.G.Sm.]
[=Sagittaria cuneata E.Sheld. forma equiloba Fernald]
[=Sagittaria cuneata E.Sheld. forma hemicycla Fernald]

[Rapid Pond, the sole location in insular Nfld. for Sagittaria cuneata, is home to many other introduced species, including Nymphoides peltata (yellow floating-heart) and Zizania aquatica (wild rice), therefore, it is very probable that the Nfld. population of Sagittaria cuneata represents an introduction (J.E. Maunder, pers. comm., Apr. 2015).]

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