Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Poaceae/Poacées - Grass Family
Puccinellia pumila (Vasey) Hitchc.
En: dwarf alkaligrass, smooth alkaligrass
Fr: puccinellie naine, puccinellie trompeuse
IU: ivitsukak
Provincial Status: LN
Range: Arctic NA (disj.), eAsia (amphi-Pacific); coastal n/sLab. & thr. coastal Nfld.; hal.

[=Glyceria pumila Vasey (basionym)]
[=Atropis alaskana (Scribn. & Merr.) V.I.Krecz.]
[=Atropis kurilensis Takeda]
[=Glyceria paupercula Holm]
[=Phippsia langeana (Berlin) T.J.Sørensen subsp. alaskana (Scribn. & Merr.) Á.Löve & D.Löve]
[=Puccinellia alaskana Scribn. & Merr.]
[=Puccinellia ambigua T.J.Sørensen]
[=Puccinellia distans (Jacq.) Parl. forma ambigua (T.J.Sørensen) B.Boivin]
[=Puccinellia distans (Jacq.) Parl. var. minor (S.Watson) B.Boivin]
[=Puccinellia kurilensis (Takeda) Honda]
[=Puccinellia langeana (Berlin) T.J.Sørensen subsp. alaskana (Scribn. & Merr.) T.J.Sørensen]
[=Puccinellia longiglumis (Fernald & Weath.) Raymond ex Bowden]
[=Puccinellia maritima (Huds.) Parl. var. minor S.Watson (type: Salmon Bay, "Labrador," actually Saguenay Co., eQue.)]
[=Puccinellia paupercula (Holm) Fernald & Weath.]
[=Puccinellia paupercula (Holm) Fernald & Weath. var. alaskana (Scribn. & Merr.) Fernald & Weath.]
[=Puccinellia paupercula var. longiglumis Fernald & Wiegand]
[=Puccinellia tenella (Lange) Holmb. ex Porsild subsp. alaskana (Scribn. & Merr.) Tzvelev]
[=Puccinellia vaginata (Lange) Fernald & Weath. var. elegans T.J.Sørensen]

[Puccinellia ambigua is known from three locations (Hay et al., 1990:289; Bouchard et al. 1991) on the west coast of Nfld. Some sources describe P. pumila as a coastal Beringian species, but Aiken et al. (1996+) take a broader view, extending the range of P. pumila across NA. P. ambigua, described as an endemic of Hudson & James Bays and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, is considered by J. Davis to be a possible variant of P. pumila (Hays et al., 1990). Also, Scoggan (1978) stated that P. ambigua includes the type of P. alaskana, here included in P. pumila.]

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