Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Poaceae/Poacées - Grass Family
Puccinellia vahliana (Liebm.) Scribn. & Merr.
En: Vahl's alkaligrass
Fr: puccinellie de Vahl
IU: ivitsukak
Provincial Status: L
Range: Arctic-alpine, amphi-Atlantic; S to n-most Lab., scattered; alpine streambanks, snowbeds.

[=Poa vahliana Liebm. (basionym)]
[=Atropis kjellmannii (Lange ex Kjellm. & Lundstr.) K.Richt.]
[=Atropis vahliana (Liebm.) K.Richt.]
[=Colpodium vahlianum (Liebm.) Nevski]
[=Glyceria kjellmannii Lange ex Kjellm. & Lundstr.]
[=Glyceria vahliana (Liebm.) Th.Fr.]
[=Phippsia vahliana (Liebm.) Á.Löve & D.Löve]
[=Puccinellia kjellmannii (Lange ex Kjellm. & Lundstr.) Tolm.]
[=Puccinellia vahliana (Liebm.) Tolm. 1931, nom. illeg. isonym., non (Liebm.) Scribn. & Merr. 1910]

[According to Scoggan (1978), Puccinellia vahliana was known only from Port Burwell, nLab., 60° 25' N, but this area is now part of Nunavut. However, based on more recent data, the Panarctic Flora (Elven et al. 2011) states that nLabrador is included in the range of P. vahliana, which has a scattered distribution.]

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