Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Potamogetonaceae/Potamogétonacées - Pondweed Family
Stuckenia filiformis (Pers.) Börner
En: threadleaf pondweed, alpine threadleaf pondweed, northern slender pondweed, western threadleaf pondweed
Fr: potamot filiforme, potamot filiforme alpin, potamot filiforme occidental
Provincial Status: LN
Range: Boreal NA, Asia, and sHemisphere; sw/w/nw/ne/c/sNfld., disj. in w/nLab., often coastal; aq., calc., hal.

[=Potamogeton filiformis Pers. (basionym)]
[=Coleogeton filiformis (Pers.) Les & R.R.Haynes]
[=Coleogeton filiformis (Pers.) Les & R.R.Haynes subsp. alpinus (Blytt) Les & R.R.Haynes]
[=Coleogeton filiformis (Pers.) Les & R.R.Haynes subsp. occidentalis (W.J.Robbins) Les & R.R.Haynes]
[=Coleogeton filiformis (Pers.) Les & R.R.Haynes var. occidentalis (W.J.Robbins) Morong]
[=Potamogeton filiformis Pers. forma alpinus (Blytt) Hagstr.]
[=Potamogeton filiformis Pers. subsp. alpinus (Blytt) R.R.Haynes, Les, & M.Král]
[=Potamogeton filiformis Pers. subsp. occidentalis (J.W.Robbins) R.R.Haynes, Les, & M.Král]
[=Potamogeton filiformis Pers. var. alpinus (Blytt) Almq.]
[=Potamogeton filiformis Pers. var. alpinus (Blytt) Asch. & Graebn. 1897, hom. illeg. isonym., non (Blytt) Almq. 1889]
[=Potamogeton filiformis Pers. var. macounii (Morong ex Macoun) Morong]
[=Potamogeton filiformis Pers. var. occidentalis (J.W.Robbins) A.Benn.1905, nom. illeg. isonym., non (J.W.Robbins) Morong 1893]
[=Potamogeton filiformis Pers. var. occidentalis (J.W.Robbins) Morong]
[=Potamogeton interior Rydb.]
[=Potamogeton marinus L. forma alpinus Blytt]
[=Potamogeton marinus L. var. macounii Morong ex Macoun]
[=Potamogeton marinus L. var. occidentalis J.W. Robbins]
[=Potamogeton pectinatus L. subsp. filiformis (Pers.) Hook.f.]
[=Spirillus filiformis (Pers.) Nieuwl.]
[=Stuckenia filiformis (Pers.) Börner subsp. alpina (Blytt) R.R.Haynes, Les, & M.Král]
[=Stuckenia filiformis (Pers.) Börner subsp. filiformis]
[=Stuckenia filiformis (Pers.) Börner subsp. occidentalis (J.W.Robbins) R.R.Haynes, Les, & M. Král]
[=Stuckenia filiformis (Pers.) Börner var. alpina (Blytt) Dorn]
[=Stuckenia filiformis (Pers.) Börner var. occidentalis (W.J.Robbins) Dorn]

[Nfld. reports of Stuckenia vaginata (Bouchard et al. 1991, as Potamogeton vaginata) have since been revised to Stuckenia filiformis subsp. occidentalis. This taxon is known from ponds in coastal limestone barrens of nwNfld. Labrador reports refer to a 1925 collection by Fernald along the Blanc Sablon River, from an area once in Labrador, but now considered part of Québec; so technically, there are no valid Labrador reports to date.]

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