Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Typhaceae/Typhacées - Cattail Family
Sparganium acaule (Beeby) Rydb.
En: stemless bur-red, unbranched bur-reed
Fr: rubanier acaule
Provincial Status: LN
Range: nTemp. eNA; thr. Nfld., N to sLab.; aq.

[=Sparganium simplex Huds. var. acaule Beeby (basionym)]
[=Sparganium chlorocarpum Rydb. forma acaule (Beeby) E.G.Voss]
[=Sparganium chlorocarpum Rydb. var. acaule (Beeby) Fernald]
[=Sparganium diversifolium Graebn. var. acaule (Beeby) Fernald & Eames]
[=Sparganium emersum Rehm. subsp. acaule (Beeby) C.D.K.Cook & M.S.Nicholls]
[=Sparganium emersum Rehm. var. acaule (Beeby) A.Haines]

[Sparganium acaule was previously included as a synonym of S. emersum Rehmann, which is a now considered a Eurasian and western North America species; see Ito et al. (2016). All NL specimens labelled as S. emersum are referred to S. acaule.]

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