Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Typhaceae/Typhacées - Cattail Family
Sparganium fluctuans (Morong) B.L.Rob.
En: floating bur-reed, water bur-reed
Fr: rubanier flottant
Provincial Status: LN
Range: nTemp. NA (mainly eastern); c/ne/eNfld., N to seLab.; aq.

[=Sparganium androcladum (Engelm.) Morong var. fluctuans Morong (basionym)]

[Sparganium fluctuans is known from shallow ponds in c/ne/eNfld. (Bouchard et al., 1991).  In Labrador, it was first reported from wLab. (I. Hustich & P. Kallio, 1963 (CAN), more reports are only from seLab. (C. Hanel, T. Keats, et al., 2004 (C. Hanel 2005).]

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