Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Asteraceae/ Astéracées - Aster Family
Artemisia absinthium L.
En: absinthe wormwood, absinthe sagewort, common wormwood
Fr: armoise absinthe, absinthe commune
Provincial Status: Ni
Range: Temp. Eurasia; intr. in neNfld.

[=Absinthium officinale Brot., nom. illeg.]
[=Absinthium vulgare Lam.]
[=Absinthium vulgare (L.) Dulac 1867, nom. illeg. hom., non Lam. 1779]
[=Artemisia absinthia St.-Lag., orth. var.]
[=Artemisia absinthium L. var. insipida DC. 1838, nom. illeg. hom., non Stechm. 1775]
[=Artemisia absinthium L. var. insipida Stechm.]
[=Artemisia albida Willd. ex Ledeb. 1845, nom. illeg. hom., non Ledeb. 1833]
[=Artemisia arborescens L. forma rehan (Chiov.) Chiov.]
[=Artemisia arborescens L. var. cupaniana Chiov.]
[=Artemisia baldaccii Degen]
[=Artemisia doonense Royle, nom. inval., nom. nud.]
[=Artemisia inodora Mill.]
[=Artemisia kulbadica Boiss. & Buhse]
[=Artemisia pendula Salisb., nom. illeg. superfl.]
[=Artemisia rehan Chiov.]
[=Artemisia rhaetica Brügger]

[Previously reported as ephemeral in NL; numerous well-established, naturalized populations have been found recently by Sue and Bill Meades in Eastport and Salvage.  Additional populations probably exist in other communities. Introduced as a garden plant for its attractive and aromatic foliage, Artemisia absinthium is one of three main herbs used to make the spirit absinthe, popular in the 1900s.  Previously banned because it contains a potentially lethal compound, thujone (from the wormwood), absinthe bans were repealed in recent years in most countries, although thujone content is often regulated.  (Wikipedia, 1999: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Absinthe).]

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