Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Asteraceae/ Astéracées - Aster Family
Artemisia absinthium L.
En: absinthe wormwood, absinthe sagewort, common wormwood
Fr: armoise absinthe, absinthe commune
Provincial Status: Ni
Range: Temp. Eurasia; intr. in neNfld.

[=Absinthium bipedale Gilib., nom. inval.]
[=Absinthium majus Garsault]
[=Absinthium officinale Brot., nom. illeg.]
[=Absinthium vulgare Lam.]
[=Absinthium vulgare (L.) Dulac 1867, nom. illeg. hom., non Lam. 1779]
[=Artemisia absinthia St.-Lag., orth. var.]
[=Artemisia absinthium L. var. insipida Stechm.]
[=Artemisia albida Willd. ex Ledeb. 1845, nom. illeg. hom., non Ledeb. 1833]
[=Artemisia arborescens L. forma rehan (Chiov.) Chiov.]
[=Artemisia arborescens L. var. cupaniana Chiov.]
[=Artemisia baldaccii Degen]
[=Artemisia doonense Royle, nom. inval., nom. nud.]
[=Artemisia inodora Mill.]
[=Artemisia inodora M.Bieb. 1808, nom. illeg. hom., non Mill. 1768]
[=Artemisia inodora Willd. 1809, nom. illeg. hom., non Mill. 1768]
[=Artemisia kulbadica Boiss. & Buhse]
[=Artemisia pendula Salisb., nom. illeg., nom. superfl.]
[=Artemisia rehan Chiov.]
[=Artemisia rhaetica Brügger]

[Previously reported as ephemeral in NL; numerous well-established, naturalized populations have been found recently by Sue and Bill Meades in Eastport and Salvage.  Additional populations probably exist in other communities.]

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