Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Onagraceae/Onagracées - Evening-Primrose Family
Ludwigia palustris(L.) Elliott
En: marsh seedbox, marsh purslane, water purslane
Fr: ludwigie palustre, ludwigie des marais
Provincial Status: N
Range: N. Am., S. AM., Eurasia, Africa; recently reported from 1 location in swNfld.

[=Isnardia palustris L. (basionym)] 
[=Dantia palustris (L.) DesMoul.]
[=Isnardia ascendens J.Hall ex Eaton & Wright]
[=Isnardia nitida (Michx.) Poir.]
[=Isnardia palustris L. forma submersa Glück]
[=Isnardia palustris L. var. americana DC.]
[=Jussiaea isnardia E.H.L.Krause]
[=Ludwigia apetala Walter]
[=Ludwigia nitida Michx.]
[=Ludwigia palustris (L.) Elliott forma elongata Fassett]
[=Ludwigia palustris (L.) Elliott forma submersa (Glück) Eames]
[=Ludwigia palustris (L.) Elliott var. palustris]
[=Ludwigia palustris (L.) Elliott var. americana (DC.) Fernald & Griscom]
[=Ludwigia palustris (L.) Elliott var. inundata Svenson]
[=Ludwigia palustris (L.) Elliott var. liebmannii H.Lév.]
[=Ludwigia palustris (L.) Elliott var. nana Fernald & Griscom]
[=Ludwigia palustris (L.) Elliott var. pacifica Fernald & Griscom]
[=Ludwigia palustris (L.) Elliott var. typica Fernald & Griscom, nom. inval.]
[=Peplis portula Schrank]
[=Quadricosta palustris (L.) Dulac]

[The first report of Ludwigia palustris was of a specimen collected at Middle Barachois River, swNfld., by Ian Bryson, on July 16,  2020.  Currently, its status is listed as native, however, there are many known exotic species in or near this river, so it may be introduced.]

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