Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Asteraceae/ Astéracées - Aster Family
Artemisia stelleriana Besser
En: beach wormwood, dusty miller, hoary mugwort
Fr: armoise de Steller
Provincial Status: Ni
Range: nwNA, Asia; intr. in sw/s/c/eNfld.

[=Artemisia chinensis Pursh]
[=Artemisa stelleriana Besser var. sachalinensis Nakai]
[=Artemisa stelleriana Besser var. stelleriana]
[=Artemisa stelleriana Besser var. vesiculosa Franch. & Sav.]

[Artemisia stelleriana, a garden escape that has naturalized along seashores in eCanada, was collected in 1996 on the Burin Peninsula by R. Etcheberry (MT00030543) (L. Brouillet, pers. comm. Nov. 2016) and observed in 2011 as locally abundant along the TCH in Terra Nova NP (T. Ahti, pers. comm., Mar. 2015).]

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