Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Brassicaceae/Brassicacées - Mustard Family
Arabidopsis arenosa (L.) Lawalrée
En: sand rockcress
Fr: arabette des sables
Provincial Status: Ni
Range: Europe, Greenland; intr. in nwNfld.

[=Sisymbrium arenosum L. (basionym)]
[=Arabidopsis helleri (L.) O'Kane & Al-Shehbaz]
[=Arabis arenosa (L.) Scop.]
[=Arabis glareosa Schur]
[=Arabis helleri L.]
[=Arabis segetalis Schur]
[=Cardamine arenosa (L.) Roth]
[=Cardamine petraea Townson 1797, nom. illeg. hom., non L. 1753]
[=Cardaminopsis arenosa (L.) Hayek]
[=Cardaminopsis carpatica Mesicek]
[=Cardaminopsis neglecta Hayek subsp. glareosa (Schur) Soó]
[=Crucifera arenosa (L.) E.H.L.Krause]
[=Erysimum helleri (L.) Kuntze]
[=Sisymbrium caeruleum Gilib., nom. inval.]
[=Turritis arenosa Lapeyr.]

[This new report is the first account of Arabidopsis arenosa in Newfoundland, as well as Canada! This collection was made by Ontario botanist, Mike Oldham (MJO #44119) on July 16, 2017, from Pistolet Bay Provincial Park, near Raleigh, nwNfld., and verified by Dr. P. Ball (Univ. of Toronto-Erindale) (M.J. Oldham, pers. comm, Aug., 2017, May 2018).]

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