Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Asteraceae/ Astéracées - Aster Family
Scorzoneroides autumnalis (L.) Moench
En: autumn hawkbit, fall dandelion, fall hawkbit
Fr: liondent d'automne
Provincial Status: LiNi
Range: Eurasia; intr. thr. Nfld., N to nLab. (Makkovik).

[=Leontodon autumnalis L. (basionym)]
[=Apargia autumnalis (L.) Hoffm.]
[=Apargia pratensis Hornem.]
[=Apargia pratensis Link 1829, nom. illeg. hom., non Hornem. 1815]
[=Apargia taraxaci (L.) Willd.]
[=Hedypnois autumnalis (L.) Huds.]
[=Hedypnois taraxaci (L.) Vill.]
[=Hieracium taraxaci L.]
[=Leontodon autumnalis L. subsp. autumnalis]
[=Leontodon autumnalis L. subsp. borealis Ball] 
[=Leontodon autumnalis L. subsp. pratensis (Hornem.) Gremli]
[=Leontodon autumnalis L. subsp. pratensis Arcang. 1882, nom. illeg. hom., non (Hornem.) Gremli 1878]
[=Leontodon autumnalis L. var. autumnalis]
[=Leontodon autumnalis L. var. pratensis (Hornem.) W.D.J.Koch]
[=Leontodon autumnalis L. var. taraxaci (L.) Hartm.]
[=Leontodon autumnalis L. var. vulgaris Neilr., nom. illeg.]
[=Leontodon pratensis (Hornem.) Rchb.]
[=Oporinia autumnalis (L.) D.Don]
[=Oporinia autumnalis (L.) D.Don var. sordida Bab.]
[=Oporinia pratensis Less.]
[=Picris autumnalis (L.) All.]
[=Scorzonera autumnalis (L.) Lam.]
[=Scorzoneroides autumnalis (L.) Moench subsp. borealis (Ball) Greuter]
[=Scorzoneroides autumnalis (L.) Moench var. pratensis (Hornem.) P.D.Sell 2006, nom. illeg. hom., non Holub 1978]
[=Scorzoneroides autumnalis (L.) Moench subsp. pratensis (Hornem.) Elven]
[=Virea autumnalis (L.) Gray]
[=Virea pyreniaca Gray, nom. illeg.]

[Hieracium ×marianum, a hybrid of two temperate eNA species that extends into Canada only as far north as Ontario, was incorrectly reported from eNfld. by Titford & Titford, 1995; this report was corrected to Scorzoneroides autumnalis.]

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