Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Caryophyllaceae/Caryophyllacées - Pink Family
Sagina japonica (Sw.) Ohwi
En: Japanese pearlwort
Fr: sagine du Japon
Provincial Status: Ni
Range: eAsia; intr. in eNfld.

[=Spergula japonica Sw. (basionym)]
[=Sagina echinosperma Hayata]
[=Sagina japonica (Sw.) Ohwi forma glaberrima Mizush.]
[=Sagina sinensis Hance]
[=Sagina taquetii H.Lév.]

[The first verified Nfld. report of Sagina japonica was from St. John's, eNfld. (Rabeler and Thieret, 1997); while established in other areas of eCanada, its persistence in Nfld. is uncertain.]

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