Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Caryophyllaceae/Caryophyllacées - Pink Family
Scleranthus annuus L. subsp. annuus
En: annual knawel, German knotgrass
Fr: scléranthe annuel, gnavelle
Provincial Status: Ni
Range: Eurasia; intr. in eNfld.

[=Knavel annuum (L.) Scop.]
[=Scleranthus comosus Dumort.]
[=Scleranthus divaricatus Dumort.]
[=Scleranthus glaucovirens Halacsy]
[=Scleranthus velebiticus Degen & L.Rossi]
[=Scleranthus venustus Strobl]

[The first verified Nfld. report of Scleranthus annuus was from Torbay Airport, near St. John's, eNfld., collected by J. Maunder (NFM).]

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