Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Caryophyllaceae/Caryophyllacées - Pink Family
Stellaria crassifolia Ehrh.
En: fleshy stitchwort, low stitchwort
Fr: stellaire à feuilles charnues
Provincial Status: LN
Range: Circumpolar; coastal Lab., S to nwNfld.; snowbeds.

[=Alsine crassifolia (Ehrh.) Britton]
[=Stellaria crassifolia Ehrh. var. crassifolia]
[=Stellaria crassifolia Ehrh. var. eriocalycina Schischkin]
[=Stellaria crassifolia Ehrh. var. linearis Fenzl]
[=Stellaria gracilis Richardson]

[In Nfld., Stellaria crassifolia is known from turfy shores and limestone barrens on the Great Northern Peninsula, nwNfld. (Bouchard et al. 1991).]

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