Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Flora of Newfoundland and Labrador
Orchidaceae/Orchidacées - Orchid Family
Neottia borealis (Morong) Szlach.
En: northern twayblade
Fr: listère boréale
Provincial Status: N
Range: Boreal NA (disj.); w/nwNfld.; calc.

[=Listera borealis Morong (basionym)]
[=Ophrys borealis (Morong) Rydb.]

[Listera borealis was previously known from only one site in nwNfld. (Eddie's Cove West), which Fernald (1933) reported to be heavily grazed; it was thus listed as historically present in Nfld. (Bouchard et al., 1991). This species was recently discovered in the Lomond area in 2008 by Glenda Quinn and Wildflower Society field trip participants (Quinn et al. 2010), and in Eddies Cove East during the Wildflower Society Field Trip of 2013. Note that the two Eddie's Cover reports (East and West) are 2 different locations. Luer reports Listera borealis from throughout Labrador, but other range maps do not include this area; Labrador reports remain unverified.]

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